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AS394414 operates out of the Midwest and has an open peering policy.


Networks wishing to establish peering on a settlement-free basis can initiate a request via NOC, please include details such as ASN, IRR objects and routing policies.

Prefix Filtering

Prefix filters are generated using IRR objects and are refreshed on a nightly basis. A NOC ticket can be opened to request manual refresh.


List of BGP communities used:

Large Community Learned from
394414:0:12 Upstream
394414:0:13 Route Servers
394414:0:14 Peers
394414:0:15 Downstream


AS394414 contributes to with a direct feed, where you can find a live peer list.

Internet Exchanges

Exchange Name Facility Route Servers
QCIX Quad Cities Internet eXchange BBQC Yes


NOC ten.414493sa@con
Peering ten.414493sa@gnireep
enohP 0006-962 (414) 1+


Name Description Public Status
NTP Yes Live
NS-Global DNS Signup Live
Free DNS Subdomains: Yes Live